Romanov Pavel

Pavel Romanov

Ruby Developer, Elixir enthusiast

Name:Romanov Pavel
Date of birth:December 23, 1983
Address:Kazan, Russian Federation
Continuous professional development and application of advanced technologies, the implementation of difficult and interesting projects.


january 2017 - present


Team lead
Social network.


  • Managed team, 1 frontend, 2 backend
  • Interaction with manager, setting sprint goals
  • Implemented Rspec and TDD, raised test count from 0 to 1500, coverage ~ 80%
  • Implemented CI && CD
  • Rework of Payment System
  • User model refactor
  • Implemented cross PR review
  • Implemented Code Freeze, bugfixing, git flow
  • Implemented RabbitMQ instead queue based on Sidekiq
  • Developed 2 microservices in addition to main app
  • Developed new app with ReactJS, RoR, Docker for administration puproses
  • Developed alpha version of WebRTC server, with Phoenix/Elixir
  • and many, many more

Task tracker - Trello, Pivotal, Gitlab.


august 2016 - january 2017

Appodeal Inc., on project

Ruby Developer(backend)/ Elixir
Appodeal receives offers from ad networks & RTB exchanges and compares them in real time. Automatic blacklisting, looking up optimal ad networks, tracking user behavior (interests, demographics, machine learning).


  • in pair with frontend developer, created new version of cross-promo and direct ad campaign with numerous settings;
  • refactored and improved legacy code
  • improved targeting functionality(user behavior: interests, geo, manufacturer and models, demographics, etc.)
  • adding and improving tests
  • targeting user interests according android/ios device(aerospike, personograph)
  • internal slack bot built with elixir, rent servers for test releases

Task tracker - Redmine.


june 2016 - august 2016

Startup, on project

Ruby Developer(backend)
Universal internet platform for supporting enterpreneurs.


  • divide large service on creation of bank accounts and the creation of remittances into two
  • configure asynchronous communication between services by Rabbitmq
  • configure ElasticSearch (gem Chewy) to give data on query
  • compliance with the code style rubocop
  • refactoring
  • TDD, rspec/mini-test, coverage about 95%

Build new features:

  • issue a credit card tied to a personal bank account;
  • opening a deposit entity or individual contribution

Task tracker - Asana.

october 2015 - june 2016

Investment platform ( 4XXI Ltd.)

Ruby Developer(backend)
Savings and investment platform designed to guide you step-by-step.


  • development of an investment platform from scratch;
  • database design
  • TDD (RSpec, coverage of about 96 % )
  • compliance with the code style rubocop
  • continues integration
  • deploying with Capistrano
  • interaction with API (,

Task tracker - Jira.


Scrum methodology, sprints, planning poker.

november 2014 - january 2015


Ruby Developer(fullstack)

Resolve issues and blockers at client side (AngularJs) and backend (RoR 4).

Task tracker - Jira.

november 2013 - may 2014


Ruby Developer
Create a variety of simple websites oт Ruby on Rails.
november 2007 - may 2014


Head of Sector

Achievements and responsibilities:

  • Organization of the smooth operation of 15 offices in the Sverdlovsk region.
  • Recruitment, interviewing, testing of candidates, staff adaptation
  • Setting up of personal computers, peripherals, installation of operating systems, support, consulting, training, coaching staff


2001 - 2006

Ural Federal University

B.Sc. Metallurgical and construction technologies. Electric drive and automation of industrial plants

References & recommendations

August 2016 - Novermber 2016

Appodeal Inc.

Ruby Developer( backend )
"Pavel is a great developer with strong skills and high level of self-organizing. And also is a good guy. It was nice to work with him. "

— Konstantin Grabar, Server Team Lead at Appodeal Inc.

October 2015 - July 2016

4XXI Ltd.

Ruby Developer( backend )
"Pavel is an experienced developer. He was always available if we had critical things to fix, he is responsible and passionate about writing code. Pavel is an easy-going person and it was always easy to discuss any tasks with him. I would recommend to work with Pavel. "

— Natasha Katson, Project/Marketing Manager, 4xxi, managed Pavel at 4xxi

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